Posted by: Carlos Buxton | Apr 5, 2007

First thought

Here it goes. There is a first time for everything, blogging is not an exception. To tell you the truth, I don’t know yet the direction in which I”ll be taking this.

 I’ll probably come here to brainstorm and analyze some thoughts as they occur to me in real life. I hope you find some of these thought provoking. Please don’t hesitate to send me your comments, ideas, musings of your own.

We’ll see where this goes, and hopefully enjoy the ride as we go!

My name is Carlos.

I am very pleased to meet you and eager to hear what you have to say on the topics I pose, or anything you feel strongly about.

Once, someone I admire said “there is no greater waste than a thought not realized.” So this blog is my napkin, my blank sheet, my notepad… here my thoughts will live, whether politics, academia, work, leadership.

Haven’t you ever felt the need to jot down an idea, a formula, a number? I know I have and at one point I did find all the post-it notes I had gathered over a period of time. There I found a wealth of ideas and musings, most of them fleeting, most of them dated, but none of them wasted.

This will be my post-it, so to speak, and the quote above my first thought:

“There is no greater waste than a thought not realized”


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