Posted by: Carlos Buxton | Dec 31, 2009

It is almost a new year

2010 (Day -1)

It is almost the beginning of a new year and I have to ponder where the last one really went! We have all shared in circumstances, trials, tribulations, and are full of hope for a new year.

I could recap all the changes, chaos and problems that 2009 chose to shower us with. But I won’t!

Two things make me not only hopeful but right down elated at the prospects of tackling a new decade:
1. As I am sitting in front of my keyboard, I hear the laughter of my little 13-month old daughter Rebecca;
2. Frankly, I am the glass-half-full kind of guy so I like to see and find opportunities amongst chaos.

I know that new-year resolutions are so-a-thing-of-the-past, but here is one: I plan to write here more often.

Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?


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