Posted by: Carlos Buxton | Jan 2, 2010

Aikido resolution – 2010

Nothing like being away from the world for a few hours, no work, no TV, no calls, no news, no computer (that was tough until now). Well, nothing like that to spur one’s thinking time… and before you say it, I DO think from time to time.. 🙂

I had not realized how much I really miss my ability to go to practice, aikido that is. If you already practice, then you know what I am talking about: the spirit of the art, the healthy heartbeat after a good workout, the camaraderie of everyone around you. Even if you don’t practice aikido, you probably have some activity that makes you feel better all around.

Well, I have not gone “flying” for a long time now but I am determined to go back this week and start it up once again. There is something special about what I call flying time, which refers to those times when your partners tosses you in the air and you land a few feet away, and oddly enough come right back and do it again!

Look up “aikido” in a search engine or in YouTube and you will see what I mean.

So I guess I have another resolution for 2010… I am sure I will post more about my newly discovered aikido experiences from time to time. I guess I hope you, as my reader, can relate to what I am trying to describe, to activities that leave you at peace, whole, in a truly good mood that makes you smile all the way home.

I will close my little blog today with a question: do you have or have had activities that make you feel like that? Let me know, write about it, tell someone about it…

A good mood is contagious!



  1. Hi Honey!

    I would like to see a picture! Maybe I can come with you sometime to Aikido and take you one flying on the mat and we can post it.

    Love you lots!

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