Posted by: Carlos Buxton | Jan 19, 2010

New week, new day, new snow!

Another day. I realized it has been a while since I last was able to enter a few words, not because there is little to be said…

I guess I find myself a little ambivalent about he current state of US politics… No worries, this is not going to be politicized! There is enough media blitz on the current Massachusetts arena to make one wish it was over (and after today it will be!).

No, the ambivalence is the result of whether I think the Democrats (or for that matter any party really), should be allowed to have that 60th vote to avoid a filibuster and what that means for the political process. Don’t get me wrong, the people should decide, but I think the discussion should be open and transparent… and I have that nagging feeling in the back of my neck that it has not been so where healthcare is concerned.

I think healthcare must be overhauled, but I think we are being shortchanged from the wealth of discussion, and presented with an already agreed-upon fait-accomplit. On the other hand, the political bag of tricks in Congress is extensive, and over the last few years (I will not say how many because it is depressing..) it has resulted in very little leadership and even less worthwhile legislation (yes that is of course arguable, so do!). So does having the 60th vote imply forward progress of some sort or one step forward and two steps back kind of situation?

Well, only time will tell.. So let’s wait and see what the people of Massachusetts decide. This may get interesting after all..


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