Posted by: Carlos Buxton | Feb 13, 2011

Brilliant coaching insight

From time to time, I browse the internet to find those gems that lurk there. There is a lot of information out there, some of it useful, and even brilliant, but you have to sift through a lot. The beauty, and curse, of an open information e-world is that you can find anything you need/want out there, but sometimes finding it takes a lot of work.

The day after my agile coaching circle meeting, I wanted to find out more about more about a coaching stance, what it is, how to relate to it and how to enhance my own, as well as the skills I need to further refine. It was at this time that a colleague retweeted the following article by Esther Derby:

(You may recognize the name from an earlier blog about retrospectives in September 2010 here)

Agile coaching is an endeavor that focuses development and value creation on  multiple levels. In order to become an effective coach, one must know oneself and be aware of the environment one coaches in technologically, emotionally and politically. And before I forget, leave your agenda at the door, coaching is about the person/group being coached, not the coach himself. We learn and grow through the experience, but it is not the reason we do it.

Take a look, it is worth reading, and perhaps it will open your eyes to a new dimension of project management.

PS: this link was also included in the comments section and is worth checking out as well:


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