Posted by: Carlos Buxton | Mar 18, 2011

Introduction to Scrum class – Boston 3/12

First live class for Conscires Agile Practices in the Boston area… Woohooo!

Go Manoj!

Manoj Vadakkan taught the class (I was heckling from the back), and despite my best efforts to derail him, he did an outstanding job. Just kidding, he did an awesome job and we are already looking to have another one in May.

Great group of people looking to learn about agile, scrum and how they can make use of it in their lives. Although the class was small, we had a lot of great questions that made the experience very interactive and a lot of fun.

Awesome group to work with

As part of the experience we had them create a product of their choosing, and in this case they decided to create a dating site with various features

(Note to significant others: one of the features to build will be to prevent married/committed creators from using the site. That is what I call forward thinking.. or self preservation)

Hard at work!

Here is a picture of the to-do question board, we were getting kind of worried at the beginning seeing the amount of questions that were being generated, we had not brought that many index cards. (Retrospective find: next time we will bring more index cards to the class…)

Go Manny.. Go Manny.. Go Manny!

Aha Moment!

It is great to see people reach aha moments when they discover something they thought they did not know before, when you see that sparkle light up their eyes. It is truly humbling and rewarding to facilitate that! Those are some of the moments that drive us to do what we do.

A big thank you to our class participants and to our intructor Manoj!


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