Posted by: Carlos Buxton | Jan 5, 2010

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

CES opens this week in Vegas and a lot of eyes are focusing on what might transpire there, but not on the cell phone market. I think that the most important unveiling will be the formerly known FirstPaper flexible large screen reader. Not so much because another e-reader is coming into the market but because of the technological breakthrough it represents.

eReaders have been around for a long time, as I think everyone with an email address can attest from the marketing campaigns by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, just to name a few. But think on the implication of having a screen that can be bent and, if not folded, rolled up into a  parchment case (well, maybe not that much yet…)

Current portable devices are really limited by the size of the screen they can display on, so think about having the ability to view or work with portable applications on a small (let’s not get too crazy) portable monitors that can fit in a small tubular case! You unroll the screen and presto, you have a computer.

Think about how powerful it would be to combine the computing power of current smart phones with a large screen: you have good bandwidth (ok, I won’t go there today), fast processing power, a large screen and a camera, all in one device… That, in my opinion spells audio and video conferencing – it’s Skype on wheels! And the business implications of this are quite staggering.

So even though neither Apple nor Google will be there to present at CES which is disappointing, since both have much-anticipated releases this month, the flexible screen release will take the show.

The future is here, or very nearly so!


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